Friday, March 11, 2011

Button Song Behind the Scenes 3-11-11

So two days ago my sister and I spent all day shooting for my animation. It was a bit crazy, but we got all of our shooting done. We got scene 1, 3 and the ending credits all done. Yay! So now I'm working on edits and making the video. So exciting!

We had our shoot at Backspace Cafe for scene 3. We ordered some coffee to have during our work and it was very delicious and served in these cute cups!

Here was our setup at the Cafe. We worked in the back so we wouldn't be in the way. Thanks very much to the owner Eric Robison for giving us permission to work there!

This is me between shots moving around some buttons. It was a bit tiring.

This was from scene 1. To try to keep the bag from moving around as much we set up this box filled with heavy things.

This is when we were shooting the ending credits. It ties it into the beginning credits pretty nicely.

So that is what we did on Wednesday. I felt quite a bit of relief having gotten all that done. It still feels incredible and unbelievable that two people have been producing this short (my sister and I) and we got so much done!

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